SEO Services

The definition of SEO has been changed from the past many years, Google has given some dose in the form of Panda and Penguin Updates that changed the whole industry. Previously it was game of low level executive and content writer, now the game has been changed totally it is no longer easy task that a normal mind level person can do. Now Search Engine Optimization requires in depth analysis, deep understanding of project/ website, Deep understanding of industry, out of box thinking, natural mind level, a very analytic and calculative mind, a long term thinking, etc.

Fortunately at White Planet Technologies we have that mind who understands SEO, by looking at both side i.e. user and search engine. Our experienced SEO do future proof and very genuine SEO, and it is very rarest of rare case that any Algorithm update will lower down ranking or traffic of your website.

Our SEO has worked on some of the top level website so you need not to worry about size of your project and their handling.

We take only select project. Some of our minimum requirements are:

  • The website must be big in size if it is not personal website.
  • The site must not be affected by Google Penguin update.
  • The project should be long term, minimum of 6 months.

We take following types of Projects:

  • Big website with many pages of any domain.
  • Online Web Portal of any nature.
  • Big E-Commerce Website

We are also specializing in following types of Google affected Site:

  • Google Panda Updates.