AMP Pages Development

We at White Planet Technologies, offer AMP pages development services to the worldwide clients at affordable price. AMP web design and development services are performed by a very experienced and proficient team of web developers.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new technology to create and optimize web pages for mobile so that web pages can load instantly (one or two seconds) on mobiles everywhere. It is an effort by the Google to create fast loading mobile web pages by providing accessible framework. Generally, a static content page takes lot of time to load in mobile devices, whereas, AMP pages load instantly within seconds on any mobile device. On AMP pages, text load instantly and become visible properly to the mobile user; whereas images and ads on page continue to load to come into display.

Pages taking more time to load give unpleasant experience to the readers on mobile, so they quit easily from that website. So, it was very important to improve this condition of entire mobile content ecosystem to benefit publishers and mobile users by creating AMP pages to any type of website. AMP enabled websites help publishers to get more and quality traffic from mobile devices by just improving the loading speed of their web pages on a mobile. Creating AMP pages you don’t have to compromise with your ad revenues. It also includes the facility of creating AMP Ad landing pages (ALP) designed especially to speed up user experience if he/she clicks on the AMP ad.

It will really improve the all over performance of your mobile websites. It makes your website SEO friendly and thus user friendly. AMP enabled websites draw more organic traffic than earlier because Google has implemented it in its search engine that user friendly websites are more worth and give them ranks higher. So, contact us today to outsource your website’s AMP pages creation projects to us (whether your website is designed in HTML, php, wordpress, etc). Increase your website’s loading speed without compromising on your ad revenues.

Why you should go for AMP Pages

  • It is a new technology which enhances speed of loading and ease access of mobile users to the web pages.
  • It is a best way to optimize your websites for mobile devices.
  • AMP pages loads instantly (one or two seconds) wherever it is opened on mobile.
  • It is a lightweight version to your web pages enhances the loading speed and gives nice experience to the user.
  • It helps to create mobile-friendly web pages, gives indirect ranking benefits, and improves click through rates.
  • It improves mobile visitor’s traffic to your websites.